Wellness and Nutrition Repatterning

The repatterning philosophy integrates the arts and sciences into a powerful and common sense approach to transforming personal and social health.

A key aspect of this work is reconnection with the innate intelligence of natural systems, through our own sensory experience and our own “microbiome.” As we become gently aware of our habits and their connections to pain, tension and fatigue, we can begin to reestablish or ‘reprogram’ healthier patterns in a way that is at once, nourishing, meditative and playful.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, repatterning work develops our capacity to integrate our neurological and ecological systems, creating more effortless patterns for connections to self, community and place. Such repatterning work applies fractally to our inner ecologies, such as the ecology of our intestinal flora, as well as to the ecologies of community and larger social “movements.”


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