About Nala Walla

Nala Walla MS, FIMCA , NTP
B Well:  Integrative Advising |  Nutrition Repatterning
—“Nourishing body, soul, and planet.”—


Nala Walla is an integrator. She weaves a wholistic approach to personal and social health through foundational nutrition, somatics, applied performance, community facilitation, and permaculture design.

Nala completed her undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College, and her masters work at the University of Washington and Gaia University. A believer in ongoing education, she continued her studies at Moving On Center & the Center For Kinesthetic Education, and most recently, with the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Currently, Nala offers private wellness coaching and nutritional therapy sessions. She is an advisor for Gaia University‘s Action Learning programs, and teaches an ecosomatic curriculum linking inner and outer ecology at schools, universities and sustainability programs.

On a daily basis, Nala lives at ongoing laboratory for ecosomatic philosophies–the Bcollective permaculture homestead on Washington’s Beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

See more about Nala and Ecosomatica Wellness at Bcollective.org


2 thoughts on “About Nala Walla

  1. Hi Nala,

    Not only am I inspired by your blog and all that you are doing, I feel a deep resonance with it. I am in the final stages of developing a Permaculture Land Cooperative and Center for Holistic Ecology in Costa Rica, which holds a similar mission to your work. I have read several of your blog posts and would love to begin a cultivating a connection with you, if you have the time and energy to do so. Thank you for your clarity, power, and vision. The more of us who awaken to the memory of a unified humanity and ecology, the more fertile a future we gift our children.

    With gratitude and respect,

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